Courrier Parcel and Express Mail

A parcel is a package bearing the name and address of the recipient in order to be routed through a courier to the recipient. The size can currently range from a postcard to a shipping container. Express mail is an accelerated mail delivery service for which the customer pays a surcharge and receives faster delivery. Express mail is a service for domestic and international mail, and is in most nations governed by the country's own postal administration.

Telescopic conveyors
Ref No: 0009 (2016)

A sample of telescopic conveyor with a basket integrated model. It is used...

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X-ray Controlled Shipment Conveyors
Ref No: 0013 (2015)

These conveying lines transports the packages to the X-ray device for...

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Mobile Telescopic Conveyor
Ref No: 0015 (2017)

A sample of telescopic conveyor with mobile usage capability. It has battery...

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Sorter System Conveyors
Ref No: 0021 (2015)

This conveying and sorter system have been manufactured for a courier company....

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